Through the use of outdoor education, students are exposed to an alternative teaching method which we believe appeals to a broader spectrum of learners, keeping students engaged and therefore motivated to meet rigorous academic standards. The incorporation of S.T.E.M. concepts allows for increased exposure, particularly for female and minority students, to professional fields where aforementioned groups are less represented. Such exposure, we believe, will not only allow for increased opportunities for mastery of S.T.E.M. concepts for all students, but will also increase the likelihood of minorities taking on professions within the S.T.E.M. fields.

Additionally, repeated exposure to the outdoors will help cultivate a sense of environmental responsibility or stewardship. It is our hope these environmentally conscious behaviors will persist into students’ adulthood thereby contributing to the preservation of our planet. Our program provides the opportunity for long-term social change via alternative learning methods, the cultivation of environmental consciousness and exposure to S.T.E.M. concepts in a fun real-life setting.